| Tuesday 19 November 2019 |


Using the most up-to-date production methods, the most modern tile production equipment in the world, quality raw material, the experience of efficient production and administrative staffs, Kimia Ceram Meibod Tile Co. introduced itself to the Iranian tile industry as a successful, well-credited company from the very beginning, and the large, well-credited companies of the industry soon found out that Kimia Ceram Meibod Tile Co. was a very strong competitor. With the collaboration of the Italian SACME which is considered the best-credited tile producing brand throughout the world, Kimia Ceram Meibod Tile Co. has continuously upgraded its machines and production methods following the latest world technology in this industry throughout these years which will continue to be part of the company's plans for the future.

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امام حسين (ع): محبّت ما اهل بيت سبب ريزش گناهان است، چنان‏كه باد، برگ درختان را می ريزد.


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