| Thursday 14 November 2019 |

Message from Management

The day we stepped into the way we looked to a great goal which was arriving at a lofty place in producing quality tiles that complied with the world's up-to-date standards with various colors and designs aiming at meeting different tastes, and we were aware that it was a hard mission to accomplish so we trusted in God the Almighty and relied on the many years of experience that we had in tile industry and on the aid from a group of pioneers, authorities and experts in that industry.

Now, more than a decade since the establishment of Kimia Ceram Meibod Tile Co., we have successfully taken the most important steps toward the goals and development plans that we had set for ourselves at the very beginning, and have attained all the goals and programs that we had for the third five-year period, and, we can also say with pride, that, with God's help and our clients' exemplary attention and support, we have been one of the ten best companies manufacturing tiles in our dearest Iran, it is worth mentioning that Kimia Ceram Meibod Tile Co. is a well-known highly-credited brand in markets such as those of Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Persian Gulf Littoral states by exporting forty percent of its products to the countries of the region. We owe all our success only to our customer-oriented policies and our seeking client satisfaction. We hope that, despite all the problems against production work, God's kindness and our clients support will continue to help us remove the obstacles in the way. We want Kimia Ceram Meibod Tile Co. to gain more and more client satisfaction by attaining its long-term goals through its well-designed programs.

Ghasem Tayebi


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