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About Kimia Ceram Meybod

Kimia Ceram Meibod Tile Co. was established in a parcel of land measuring 400,000 square meters in area and with a production shop measuring 35,000 square meters in area at Km 14 Meibod-Yazd Road, Next to Jahan Abad Industrial Town of Meibod in 2002. The nominal annual production rate of this company is seven million square meters of floor and wall tiles which was actually attained in 2009. The company has been manufacturing quality products meeting the latest world standards in various designs and colors with its full power since. It is worth mentioning that forty percent of the company's products are exported to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Persina Gulf Littoral States, etc. and that this company's brand is one of the best known, best credited brands in Iranian and regional markets. Kimia Ceram Meibod Tile Co. has been one of the most successful tile producing companies in Iran by generating jobs for more than 400 people directly and for more than 2000 people indirectly.


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